My primary Education specialized in Industrial Arts. I excel in the mediums of mechanical drawing and design, metal and wood working plus tool and die making. My professional career began as a tool and die maker, however a few years later I began building furniture, cabinetry and trim carpentry. I am an avid reader and a self taught Luthier.

In August 1999 I was among the first to receive Ervin Somogyi’s hand signed “master Volumes”, “The Responsive Guitar” and “Making the Responsive Guitar”.

In 2015 I was fortunate enough to participate in Ervin’s 10 day¬† voicing class where “the planets aligned” authenticating and verifying my understanding the requirements to build a fine responsive guitar.

Like Ervin, I don’t try to make my guitars sound a certain way: rather, I try to maximize all aspects of the process to create a super light weight beautiful responsive guitar.