guitarinside2“The Responsive Guitar” By Ervin Somogyi is one of a two volume set about what makes a guitar do what it does.

The responsive guitar is built with the mindset and  understanding of the vast array of skills and information necessary from early traditional guitar making to 21st century. Understanding of the cube rule of stiffness, the monopole, di-pole, and cross-dipole. These are some of the contributing factors to the voicing of the guitar.

The responsive guitar is lightly constructed in an attempt to enhance the overall tone, sound and balance of the guitar. Experienced players tailor and sculpt their notes to create their own sound using their own personal palette of tonal colors.

acoustic6With the responsive guitar you find more tonal colors 

Jazz, bluegrass, finger style, flat-pick. Choose your own top, back woods and body size.

It will be my pleasure to build a responsive guitar just for you

Our Mission Statement:

Our Mission at Olden is the building of Fine Handmade Musical Instruments incorporating solid woods and the best materials available, recreating the styles of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Dedicated to Demanding Artists, Professionals and Musicians who enrich our lives and relationships with their songs.